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“It was an AWESOME program…thanks SO MUCH!!!”
“AWESOME webinar yesterday!!! I absolutely love working with you ladies.”
-Satisfied webinar client/sponsor, New Hampshire, 3/20/18

 “This was a very useful webinar.  Payer enrollment is a weak and new area for me as a credentialing MSP who recently had enrollment added to my job!  Would love to see more information and webinars on this subject and electronic enrollment tips!!  Thank you so much!”
-Medical Staff Coordinator, Benson Hospital, Arizona, 3/29/18 

“It was a great program (and very much needed in this industry!!)”
-Manager, Provider Recruitment & Credentialing, TCCH, Florida, 3/22/18

 “Thank you for the Excellent presentation! The organization of steps, alone, was well worth the time. Your presentation of the levels/steps was very well thought out and articulated well. The statistics are invaluable, as well. Your generosity is very much appreciated.”
-Interim Staff/Consultant, Texas, 3/29/18 

“Will a copy of the presentation slides be available to us?  I would love to share this with my executive team so they know it is not just me!”
-Credentialing Specialist, Great Circle, Missouri, 2/17/16

“I really enjoyed the webinar and I much needed. Thank you”
-Enrollment Services Manager, UPenn CVO, Pennsylvania, 3/21/18

 “Thank you for all of the information reviewed in this webinar.”
-Credentialing Coordinator – PE, UPMC, Pennsylvania, 3/29/18 

Attendee feedback from the NAMSS 2017 Educational Conference in Colorado Springs:
• I have 34 years in MSO experience but none in provider enrollment. This was helpful to learn the basics.
• Great knowledge. Wonderful information.
• Learned a lot.
• The process broken down in the steps was absolutely helpful.
• Lots of new information and tips.
• They make it more understandable.
• This was definitely one of the best sessions of the whole conference. It should be longer and speakers
from a large national payer should be one of the speakers so we can get the perspective of the payers.
• Both speakers very informative and great to listen to.
• Excellent session.
• Excellent session and very informative for all of us. Had a lot of participation from the audience.
• Keep the enrollment classes coming!!!
• Please provide more sessions like this one!!!
• Thanks for including enrollment. Would love to have even more sessions!
• These ladies did an excellent job!!
• Wonderful energy great speakers. Nice way to end the conference.

“Great Session Guys!”
-Credentialing/Provider Enrollment, California, 3/20/18

Presentation/Webinar Kudos....

 “Thank you for this info it is very helpful to share with my organization to help understand the difference!”
-Credentialing Specialist, On Point Medical Group, Colorado, 3/29/18 

“This was so amazing”
-Satisfied webinar client/sponsor, Texas, 3/29/18

 “This information is invaluable.  Thank you both for taking the time to keep us up to date with changes and challenges in this industry.”
-Credentialing Coordinator, GI Specialists of Georgia, 3/29/18 

“I know very little about the payer enrollment process and want to fill this educational gap. Thanks for offering the class.”
-Project Manager, Broward Health, Florida, 3/20/18

“Thank you for acknowledging that the enrollment processes are part of the medical staff industry! I've worked both sides and definitely feel less part of the medical staff world on the enrollment side!”
-Credentialing Supervisor, Nephrology Practice Solutions, 1/14/15

“I want to thank you both for these valuable webinars and resources. I have been working on provider enrollment for the past 1 1/2 years and am self taught so your information has been critical!”
-Consultant, Complete Practice Solutions, Montana, 3/29/16

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“Ya'll did a great job, I started a few minutes late… do you have similar webinars regarding credentialing of providers?”
-Credentialing Specialist, Access Physicians, Texas, 3/20/18

“Thank you for sharing the LOI method for the networks at capacity issue. I've come across this before and didn't know what to do. This really helps. I'll implement the LOI in the future. This model is a great source for effective payor enrollment. I do execute some of these steps in my payor enrollment process. It's good to know we're on the same page.”
-Credentialing Coordinator, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program, Texas, 3/29/16

“I thought that went amazing! We had a good turnout and they stayed very attentive the entire webcast too!”
-Satisfied webinar client/sponsor, Texas, 10/19/2016