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Dedicated to sharing her knowledge of having over 18 years in the healthcare industry, Dina Solis has spent the past five years educating and mentoring thousands of colleagues across the US on the topic of Payer Enrollment for healthcare providers. 

A four-year past NAMSS Educational Conference guest speaker and independent webinar presenter, Dina designs and develops programs that focus on processes, best practices, overcoming Enrollment challenges with solutions, and the evolution of the Enrollment industry.

In addition to educational presentations, Dina has co-authored several articles identifying Payer Enrollment tips and techniques, as well as a portion of a chapter in the published book:  "Medical Staff Management Forms, Policies, and Procedures for Health Care Providers"by Christine S. Mobley.

As a member of NAMSS, CAMSS, and AHIP, Dina is committed to keeping up on the latest news, trends, issues, and challenges facing the Enrollment industry.